Interior Design: Walk In Closet

Formerly an icon of luxury, the walk-in wardrobe heralds visions of the chic homes of fashion designers and stylists. With the abundance of flexible modern-day options, these extra-large closets no longer belong exclusively in luxurious mansions.

Our clothes are often stored haphazardly.  A walk-in closet puts paid to all of this, improving home organization and forming a functional living space.

Create the ideal walk-in wardrobe in your house or apartment, no matter how small or large the property, with these tips.

Consider Size And Shape

There’s no need for your wardrobe to take up an entire double bedroom. Choose an appropriate area of your home and section it off with curtains that blend in seamlessly with your decor, or commission a wall to be erected. Have an open archway or a glass front installed to create the illusion of a larger space.

You’ll also need to consider the shape of your new walk-in closet. Traditionally, these wardrobes are U-shaped, L-shaped and straight, with the latter being the easiest to slot into an existing home.

Maximise Space

Extend upwards with storage, using the entirety of the open walls, or keep things tucked away neatly in drawers and a closet organizer. Use any negative space as a dressing area. If you have enough room, furnish it with an extravagant vanity and mirror for an upscale feel. More western interior design tips here. 



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