Anne-Cécile Daniel (INRA, France)


    Anne-Cécile Daniel works in Paris for the urban agriculture team of INRA (french agronomic research institute) leaded by Christine Aubry.


    Graduated since 2012 from a landscape and horticulture engineer school in Angers, she wants to combine these two competences to study and contribute to the urban agriculture development in Paris and its region.


    During her last 6 months of internship she studied the food function in associative gardens in collaboration with PhD Jeanne Pourias. These gardens are an important part of the urban agriculture projects, but they are not well known by agronomists and the researches on this topic are still ongoing. Afterwards she worked for an innovative research program JASSUR (Urban Associative Garden) developing a researches in three main topics , which were (i) identification and mapping all the associative gardens from the region Ile de France, (ii) understanding the soil market sold to the gardens (iii) gathering information about street gardening to provide a deeper knowledge of this new form of urban dwellers participation in urban agriculture.


    She also led researches on the  diversity of forms and projects of Urban agriculture  for the Vinci-AgroParistech Chair. During this time she organized a wide-spread network of various project leaders in the region. Aiming to develop indicators determining the strength and weakness of those projects, she contributes to their evaluation process.  


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