Joe Swartz (Hydroponic Consulting Services, USA)


    Joe Swartz is the owner of Hydroponic Consulting Services and Swartz Family Farm in Amherst, MA, USA.


    He is also the former Director of Farming for Sky Vegetables, which designs, builds, and operates rooftop hydroponic farms in urban areas.  Joe personally designed and oversaw the construction of the farm at Arbor house, which is the first commercial rooftop hydroponic farm in the United States to sit atop public housing, located in the Bronx, NY.  A portion of the production from this year-round, pesticide-free farm is distributed directly to the buildings’ residents through a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.  This innovative production/distribution model reduces the delivery food miles to zero, allowing the food to be produced and consumed all within the same building.  A master grower with nearly 30 years of year-round production experience, he has also spent the past 15 years consulting for growers worldwide.