• Lars Aikala (Valoya, Finland)

      Lars Aikala (Valoya, Finland) 

      Lars is one of the founders and the CEO of Valoya. Valoya are a leading company in advanced lighting for professional horticulture. Lars has been the CEO of Valoya since it was founded over 5 years ago, and has led its extensive plant and technical R&D, as well as the build-up of its global business. Prior to Valoya Lars has held different senior managerial positions with environmental technology companies and in finance sector. Lars has an M.Sc. in Finance and a M.Sc.

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    • Paul Hardej (FarmedHere, USA)

      Paul Hardej (FarmedHere, USA) 

      Paul Hardej is Chief Technology Officer in Vertical Farming for FarmedHere USA.   Paul is an architect by trade and vertical farm technology-developer by experience. He studied Architecture at Warsaw’s Polytechnic University, Poland, and at School of Architecture at University of Detroit, MI USA and Interior Design and Merchandising at the International Academy of Merchandising and Design in Chicago, IL USA. Prior to becoming involved in Urban Agriculture, he designed and developed many award winning real

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    • Paul Gray (Illumitex, USA)

      Paul Gray (Illumitex, USA) 

        Paul Gray is the Senior Plant Scientist and VP, Horticulture Lighting Solutions at Illumitex.   Illumitex are a cutting-edge manufacturer of revolutionary LED arrays and fixtures. Gray works with Illumitex engineers to design fixtures that yield the best plant growth results for any application. Paul’s botanical and controlled environment agriculture expertise merges with his lighting engineering knowledge to develop the right lighting solution for clients around the globe. He holds a BS and MS in botany and

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    • Professor Toyoki Kozai, (Chiba University, Japan)

      Professor Toyoki Kozai, (Chiba University, Japan) 

      Chief-director of Japan Plant Factory Association.   Professor Toyoki Kozai was inaugurated as the president of Chiba University in 2005. Currently, He is leading R & D of “integrative environment control of greenhouses using heat pump, fogging and null-balance CO2 enrichment systems for hot summer regions” and ‘plant factory with artificial lighting for commercial production of plants’. After serving as the President of Chiba University, Professor Kozai was back in research, education and extension a

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    • Professor Jung-Eek Son (Seoul National University, South Korea)

      Professor Jung-Eek Son (Seoul National University, South Korea) 

      Professor of Protected Horticulture and Plant Factory.   Professor Jung-Eek Son is acting the presidents of the Korean society for Bio-Environment Control as well as the Research Society for Urban-Type Plant Factory. He graduated from SNU (1982) and took MS and PhD degrees (1985 and 1988, respectively) from University of Tokyo. He worked at IBM in Korea (1982) as system analyst, researched at Yokogawa Electric Co. in Japan and Purdue University as post-doc (1989-1991), and University of Arizona as visitin

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    • Ir. Henk de Zeeuw (RUAF Foundation, Netherlands)

      Ir. Henk de Zeeuw (RUAF Foundation, Netherlands) 

      Senior advisor in the global coordinating unit of the  Resource centres on Urban Agriculture and Food Security Foundation (RUAF).   Henk de Zeeuw  holds a BSc in land and water management (Larenstein College, Arnhem, 1968) and an MSc in Rural Sociology and Planning (Agricultural University Wageningen, 1975). He worked several years in the Provincial Department for Town and Country Planning, Leeuwarden, the Ne¬therlands, before joining the International Agricultural Centre (IAC) in Wageningen, the Netherla

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    • Ana Moragues Faus (Cardiff University, UK)

      Ana Moragues Faus (Cardiff University, UK) 

        Dr Ana Moragues is a researcher in the School of Planning and Geography of Cardiff University.   Her research interests revolve mainly around sustainable agri-food systems, having developed most of her work in Mediterranean European countries and Latin America. She started her research career tackling aspects of sustainable rural development, looking at farmers' strategies, collective action and the dynamics of civic food networks. These food networks allowed her to analyse urban and rural linkages, leading

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    • Kevin Frediani (Bicton College, Devon, UK)

      Kevin Frediani (Bicton College, Devon, UK) 

      Head of Sustainable Land Use at Bicton College, UK   Kevin Frediani is responsible for directing the curriculum and enterprise activities across the traditional land based college while also leading innovation and research in sustainable food production. He is currently working on three major projects: 1) Establishing a working fossil free farm at the college; 2) Establishing a centre for controlled environment agriculture; 3) Establishing an enterprise model at the heart of curriculum delivery.

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    • Professor Tim Benton (University of Leeds, UK)

      Professor Tim Benton (University of Leeds, UK) 

      Professor of Population Ecology, Champion for Global Food Security.   Tim Benton has been UK Champion for Global Food Security from 2011, acting as ambassador and spokesperson for matters to do with food and food security, and coordingating work across this area between research councils and government departments. He has used a variety of techniques through his career (including field and lab work, statistical, numerical and analytical modelling) and has held positions at UEA (postdoc), Cambridge University

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    • Professor Jerry Roberts (University of Nottingham, UK)

      Professor Jerry Roberts (University of Nottingham, UK) 

      Assistant Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research.   Jerry Roberts main interest focuses on how the manipulation of plant development can optimise crop performance. Current research areas include: (i) Dissecting the molecular and cellular events regulating cell separation processes in plants, (ii) Understanding the linkages between assimilate partitioning and seed development, and (iii) Unravelling the responses of plant organs to gravity using novel imaging systems to visualise root growth and development.

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