Professor Jung-Eek Son (Seoul National University, South Korea)

  • Professor of Protected Horticulture and Plant Factory.


    Professor Jung-Eek Son is acting the presidents of the Korean society for Bio-Environment Control as well as the Research Society for Urban-Type Plant Factory. He graduated from SNU (1982) and took MS and PhD degrees (1985 and 1988, respectively) from University of Tokyo. He worked at IBM in Korea (1982) as system analyst, researched at Yokogawa Electric Co. in Japan and Purdue University as post-doc (1989-1991), and University of Arizona as visiting professor (2003). Recently he is focusing on nutrient management in closed soilless culture, modelling of plant photosynthesis and growth, light utilization and control, and crop production technologies in plant factory. He was a convener of GreenSys2013 (ISHS International Symposium on New Technologies for Environment Control, Energy-Saving and Crop Production in Greenhouse and Plant Factory), Korea. In ISHS, he is in charge of Working Group (automation and integrated production system in horticulture).  

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