Professor Tim Benton (University of Leeds, UK)

  • Professor of Population Ecology, Champion for Global Food Security.


    Tim Benton has been UK Champion for Global Food Security from 2011, acting as ambassador and spokesperson for matters to do with food and food security, and coordingating work across this area between research councils and government departments. He has used a variety of techniques through his career (including field and lab work, statistical, numerical and analytical modelling) and has held positions at UEA (postdoc), Cambridge University Press (Science Editor), Stirling University (lecturer and Senior Lecturer), Aberdeen University (Senior Lecturer) and Leeds (Professor, 2005, Director of the Institute of Integrative and Comparative Biology (2005 -2007), Pro-Dean for Research (2007-2011).


    His research work is very diverse, but involves three prime strands:

    • Empirical research working in the field. I am involved in “sustainable agriculture” projects in the UK and overseas,
    • Using model species in the laboratory to elucidate fundamental biological mechanisms. 
    • Developing mathematical & or statistical models (based on time series data, or mechanistic understanding).

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