Tim Haworth (Cambridge HOK, UK)


    Tim Haworth is general manager for Cambridge HOK, UK


    Tim’s background is one long served in the Glasshouse Salad growing sector. He has worked directly with major UK retailers and has developed supplier bases for fresh produce from the southern Mediterranean, northern Africa and the Middle East.


    Tim joined CambridgeHOK to bring technical growing expertise into a glasshouse engineering company which already has a high reputation within the UK and abroad.


    A major part of the role is the technical and commercial sales support for Philips in particular the development of LED growing solutions. Most prominent of installations was the design and build of the Stockbridge Technology Centre LED4CROPS facility. The facilities function is to develop lighting recipes for crops growing in a ‘closed room’ environment. The engineering solutions derived now open the future to the next steps for Vertical Farming.


    Current initiatives include to the design of concept and deliverance of a commercially viable vertical growing system that can be developed as an automated, environmentally controlled module for placement anywhere in the world. The challenges relate to engineering design, energy models and market pricing which together in the right combination will deliver a possible alternative to traditional growing in the future.


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